Guyenne and its everyday Heroes. Episode 2.

We should recall the leitmotif that guides us every day: "Be Ambitious, Be a Hero of our daily life”.


For more than 10 years, Guyenne has reinvested all of its profits in the company in favour of investment:  R & D innovations, optimization of renewable resources, recruitment, new machinery, etc.

Focus on one of the new machines, the latest arrival at Guyenne: an automatic winding machine.

The project will have taken two years. The installation was chosen with the collaboration of the machine Operators. The preparation of the workspace of the future workshop, the training of the teams, and the many hours of necessary adjustments have given grey hair to the people in charge of the project.


Bobineuse auto

Now operational, the machine surprises the teams every day by its capabilities. Frédéric, who is in charge of the project, commented: “When I arrived, I already knew the importance of the project”. Now in charge of this workshop, he is proud of his machine, his workshop and his teams. When asked what it does for the company, the list is long: "We double and sometimes triple the initial yield. The machine is modern, automated and almost autonomous". 

The settings before the launch must be accurate. They will define the production yields. The stakes are therefore important, so it is certain that at first it was not easy. Frédéric told us: 

 "Teams like to work on machines they know well. We always worry about having to be trained on a new machine, especially when the stakes are high. It is more computerized and they were not used to it, but I challenged them to succeed and they did it!" The trainings went smoothly. The demonstrations were done and redone. The procedures were created to facilitate the work of the Operators. Now the machine is tamed. The atmosphere is friendly thanks to the palette filming robot that deserves its nickname. The whole team within the new winding machine is fond of "NONO the robot".


Ambition must be a part of us all and has to be our guide. Ambition allows everyone to move forward and surpass themselves. We have relied on our experience and our observations of the market. Céline Procop, an ambitious CEO, does not regret this investment "I believed in this project, the world is modernizing. 

L'équipe Bobineuse

The success of this project is solely due to my teams and their involvement. It's great to have a fine machine, but without involvement from my teams, this project would have been a failure". Céline Procop is also proud to reveal that in order to meet the growing demand, the company is recruiting ambitious people to join the teams of the new winding machine.

Because we must never take things for granted, we must and we want to improve constantly. That's why Lean Manufacturing, a productivity-enhancing process, is in place. It has even been involved upstream in choosing the location of the machine (See episode 1 of the saga about this innovative process).


Stories, challenges, achievements, innovative processes, committed men and women, investments, projects, ambitions, etc... Key words that really make sense for Guyenne.



To be continued…